Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes 5.1

You lead squads of Allied soldiers into battle against the German war machine

Company of Heroes is a game of strategy, action-oriented, based on events of World War II.The first thing that draws attention is its spectacular visual finish, which was built on the basis of the Essence engine. This game engine enables us to appreciate the battle from every angle imaginable with an amazing quality.
The explosions are among the most real seen, but vegetation, parachutes, buildings, shadows, ground deformation caused by bombs, water, animations, and vehicles also deserve mentioning.

Everything in the game is made with an obsessive care. In addition to that, several parts of the scene are destructible, and in several ways depending on how you do it. To be in concordance with so careful developed graphics and physical components, the sound track and special sound effects were not left behind. Each sound is fulfilling its role to perfection, giving the film a distinctive touch. A detail which manages to increase the overwhelming immersion occurs when you are focusing on a battle and the camera goes away. We will continue hearing the sounds, but with an effect of remoteness.

The title itself is very cinematic, easily reminding films like Saving Private Ryan. In addition, high-quality illustrations with excellent narration put us in background before each mission.

Review summary


  • Great environment
  • Incredible sound and effects


  • None
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